Only 11% of all 911 calls in Mexico were emergencies…

In January of 2017, Mexico began using the 911 call system for emergencies throughout Mexico.  The old system of calling 066 was replaced by 911 in order to reduce response times through effective, prompt and coordinated handling of emergency through all 3 levels of government.  The system is run through some 200 call centers throughout the country.  And, yes, we use the 911 number here in Rocky Point and it may be called through any phone.

In the first half of this year, just 11.1% of the 61.63 million calls received by the call centers were for genuine emergencies, 70% of those security-related. Calls are classified in four categories — security, medical, civil protection and public services.

Of the 54.8 million calls deemed improper, 18% of callers hung up and a small percentage – 3.4 – were reported to be false alarms.  (source: Reforma, SIPSE)

Here’s hoping that the number of false emergencies called in will be reduced in the upcoming months!

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