Current Fuel Prices in Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco and throughout Mexico

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices now vary widely between the 83 interior regions and 7 border regions.  Fuel prices will generally be cheaper in the border areas, similar in price to the US border towns.  As of September 26, 2017 the current fuel price for a liter of regular (Magna) in Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco is $16.54 pesos a liter.  At an exchange rate of 17 pesos to the dollar, it comes out to about $3.67 usd a gallon.  Diesel is even more expensive a liter, $17.68  which is $4.78 usd a gallon.    Mexico’s federal government is informing the country that fuel prices are expected to drop in 2018 as more independent gas stations take over the Pemex stations and open oil exploration by outside companies is encouraged.

Click here for a very cool website run by Mexican journalist/news organization Aristegui Noticias.   It is a Google Map with local fuel prices for most populated cities throughout all the Mexican states, including Rocky Point.  Traveling to Guadalarja, Cabo San Lucas or Ensenada?  Click on the map marker on the map and will give you the fuel prices for that city…Not sure how long this site will continue to be updated but for now, it is a handy tool.

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